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19 Apr


Europe House Buzz – March

Europe House Buzz – March
Member of Youth Educational Forum
Pande Eftimov

Member of Youth Educational Forum

Dear Buzzers,

As a dedicated member of the local NGO sector for nearly a decade now, I have had the opportunity to participate in various projects and activities across different organizations, including the Youth Educational Forum (YEF), which I am particularly proud to be a part of.

At YEF, we are committed to promoting and supporting active participation among young people through quality programs and opportunities. However, there is still more to do to be the force for positive change.

As a lifelong learner, I firmly believe that education and awareness are essential for creating real change. Fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and civic engagement are essential for creativity and innovation and inspire people to develop new technologies and approaches to environmental challenges. This kind of education can also empower people to become advocates for environmental issues and push for policy changes that support sustainability.

The message is clear: there is no planet B. We must take action now to protect our only home and ensure a sustainable future. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources are all taking a heavy toll on the Earth’s fragile systems. And the consequences will be severe and long-lasting if we do not take action.

As individuals, we can take small steps to reduce our environmental impact, such as using public transportation, reducing plastic waste, composting, and conserving energy. However, systemic change is also necessary. We need governments, corporations, and organizations to prioritize the health of the planet over profit and growth.

Therefore, I urge you to join us in these efforts to promote sustainable practices and create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet.

Sincerely yours,

“The Future is Female” – An Art Exhibition at East Gate Mall

Everybody has a dream. But these women have proven to us that dreams are not only about the act of dreaming but about making dreams come true!

The ideal of utopia is a world without social barriers holding people back from achieving their ambitions and dreams. Reality cold-heartedly denies this, but willpower and persistence roll up their sleeves in the fight against stigmas.

For our 4th exhibition at East Gate Mall, we have selected 12 women of different professions and backgrounds sharing the same persistence and perseverance: Stefanija DIMESKA, a pilot; Marta PEJOSKA, a filigree jewellery artist; Dorothy PACHKOVA, single parent rights activist; Bisera ČADLOVSKA, a conductor; Kristina ATOVSKA, a war correspondent; Lenche ZDRAVKIN, a philanthropist; Makfire SHAQIRI, a bus driver; Snezhana KARAJOVSKA, a race-for-life activist; Elizabeta PETKOVSKA, an artisan; Iva PROJKOVSKA, FIFA International Referee; Magdalena JANCHOVA, a beekeeper; Fatma BAYRAM AZEMOVSKA, an activist.

Looking back on their childhood dreams and aspirations, they talked about what “The future is female” means to them.

“Both nature and science tell us that if the bees go extinct, the world will cease to be the same. And yes, the world cannot exist without the bees, but also without women. These are the two chains without which there is no future. The future is female!”

“It’s a green card for the future of women!”

The exhibition was launched on 8th March, 2023 in the presence of the EU Ambassador David Geer, the First Lady Elizabeta Gjorgievska and, of course, the very protagonists witnessed that the FUTURE is truly female.

The exhibition was open to the public until 8 April, 2023.

We focus on our planet – Planet Earth

During March, the month of spring, we celebrated World Water Day and International Day of Forests to raise awareness of the protection of the environment.

The informal gathering of environmental organizations and academia was the focal point of this month’s theme – #ThereIsNotPlanetB.

Stepping into the Skopje Botanical Garden, nested at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, we set off on a little tour with our hosts, university professors and environmental activists to discover the amazing collection of different plant varieties: the bamboo trees and the carefully cultivated rare herbs – a hidden gem that few people know about.


This small oasis in the middle of the urban jungle reminds us of why we need green spaces in cities and how much we should protect the most delicate and rare plants because life is cyclical, and by taking care of our plants, they take care of us in return. We simply don’t have a spare planet!

Participants: Institute of Biology – Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Centre for Research and Policy Making – CRPM, Centre for Education and Development – CED, Go Green – Be Green, Centre for Climate Change, Centre for Environmental Democracy – Florozon, Eko-svest, Youth Educational Forum -YEF, Eco-Logic, CeProSARD, Zelenata Arka (Bostanie). 

Asphyxia – the first exhibition of paintings made up of PM10 particles

I am honoured to have the opportunity to be included in this edition of the Europe House Buzz. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Europe House for their invaluable support and to everyone who has contributed to the successful realization of the Asphyxia Project.

We all are aware of the way society is developing and how high the percentage of polluted air in our country is – a hot topic, especially during winter.

The head of the World Health Organization has said that air pollution is the “new tobacco” and breathing polluted air is killing 7 million people annually and harming billions of the population additionally.

Together with the innovator Ivica Pockov, we have decided to launch a one-of-a-kind project combining innovation and art by collecting PM10 particles with the Aero S Air Purifier installed in the Municipality of Centar.

*The Asphyxia exhibition is a multidisciplinary project: ART AGAINST POLLUTION

Supported by the Green Deal Industrial Plan campaign of the EU Delegation in North Macedonia, the exhibition was launched on 18th March at Europe House Skopje, displaying 33 pieces of art. We also put a smoke machine to create a “polluted air” installation. Standing ABOVE the polluted air, the visitors could observe the poisonous particles. The paintings displayed on the surrounding walls conveyed powerful messages: “Shut your eyes… Block your nose and cover your mouth too… Imagine… Imagine the grey everywhere!”

These stories, painted with a poison brush on the canvas (the poison that should have ended up in our lungs) and revealing the toxic problem we inhale every minute, tried to raise awareness about air pollution and voice the message that we are all in this “fight” together. So, let us all initiate this change! If we could create this piece of art with poisonous particles, maybe we should also ask ourselves: Why?

The entire process of creating these artworks was shown in the exhibition promo video. As an artist, my impact on society is perhaps more influential. Over the years, I have realized that it is only through art that I can “plant the seeds” of love, change, ideology, togetherness, and progress among my fellow countrymen. It is only through art that I can bring people together and get them engaged in projects for a better future for us all. The EU shares these valuable ideas and continues to help me communicate them through my art.

I greatly appreciate the partnership with the Europe House Skopje. I firmly believe we shall continue implementing many more environmental initiatives because we do not have a spare planet. In this ‘race to zero’ campaign, everyone must reach the goal and contribute to: European Green Deal becoming a reality. – Dragan Bozino, artist/graphic designer.

Strumica: Clean Hills for All

As spring is upon us and nature is waking up from her winter sleep, the focus of Europe House Strumica this March is nature, marking the international days of water, forests, and poetry. One of the highlights of this month was the third edition of the eco-action “Clean Hills for All”, which Europe House Strumica started in 2021. This programme tends to target the cleaning of water dams, rivers, hills and picnic areas surrounding Strumica, Hamzali, Bosilovo, Ilovica, Raborci, Vasilovo and Novo Selo.

Traditionally, individuals and civil, sports and environmental associations from the four municipalities of the region and their utility companies participate in this initiative. Each year more and more people partake in these activities, which shows that environmental awareness is also awakening slowly but surely.

Kriva Palanka: Francophonie evening in Europe House Kriva Palanka

In a Francophonie evening of enchantment, Europe House Kriva Palanka transformed into the mesmerizing City of Light. As if by magic, a hundred young francophones from six francophone cities across the country whisked the audience away to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where they gazed over the river Seine and revelled in the beauty of French amour before the iconic Arc de Triomphe.

The evening’s ethereal atmosphere was set by H.E. Cyrille Baumgartner, Ambassador of France, who spoke about the role of cultural exchange between nations. The Macedonian ambassador of Francophonie, Mrs Elena Nikolovska, and the Bel Idéal Foundation from Paris presented special recognition awards for a significant contribution to promoting French culture and language.

The Francophonie evening showcased how the fusion of French culture and Macedonian hospitality is just the right blend of harmony. Highlighting the beauty brought by cultural diversity, this was a celebration of unity achieved by promoting mutual understanding and tolerance between different cultures.

Europe House Kriva Palanka played a significant role in bringing together people from different backgrounds to celebrate and appreciate the French language and culture. The event highlighted the importance of cherishing cultural traditions and promoting the benefits of tolerance and living in a multicultural society. The Francophonie evening was a beautiful display of the power of culture in bringing people together and fostering unity.


Please read the first in a series called Diacritic mark, featuring articles by authors of different professional backgrounds writing on a variety of subjects. Diacritic mark is a new section of articles mapping the margins of society’s priorities and concerns. The theme of this month’s issue is #ThereIsNotPlanetB, an article written by Dr Anita Grozdanov, Professor at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje.

In addition to our green month check out the interviews with young European ambassadors supporting the campaign Energy connects us!

We are looking forward to celebrating and recognizing the impact of the arts and creative workforce in April – Arts, Culture and Creativity Month! We’ll have some more exciting information to share!

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