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Job vacancy at Europe House Skopje: Junior Non-Key Expert EH Receptionist and Office Assistant

ToR for one JUNIOR non-key Mission Expert

Title of ToR: 1 Junior Non-Key Expert EH Receptionist and Office Assistant

  1. Reference persons

Reference persons for the mission are Project Manager Aneta Spirkoska, e-mail: and Project Director, Carlos Callejo,

  1. Reference documents

Terms of Reference of the Project and the Organisation and Methodology (O&M) of Business and Strategies in Europe (B&S Europe) consortium

  1. Terms of Reference Relevance

The assignment will contribute to increasing the level of information and public awareness about the EU in North Macedonia, including EU policy objectives, accession process, and EU assistance to the country.

  1. Assignment objective(s)

Based full-time in the EH Skopje s/he will be responsible for the smooth planning, organisation and running of all daily activities of the  EH in Skopje. S/he will be present during  EH Skopje opening hours and responsible for coordinating the work of the local EHs support staff. S/he will provide for basic  book-keeping  of  the  EH  running  costs  on  monthly  basis  and  contribute towards  the  financial reporting  towards  the  EU  Delegation.  S/he  will  keep  track  of  the  indicators  and  targets  for communication activities. Tasks range from: ensuring high visibility and interest in EH services from individual and group visitors, proactively organising group visits to EH and EU Delegation, speaking to them and inviting speakers, organisation of events in  EH premises, organisation of other optimal customer service including public queries, follow-up on requests for and approved sponsorships.

S/he shall maintain regular contact and coordination with the EHs in Kriva Palanka and Strumica in terms of bookkeeping, experts’ availability, timesheets, cleaning arrangements, renewal of contracts of external providers, payment of bills, issuing of receipts (list not exhaustive).

  1. Main Tasks/Activities

For this activity, we envisage one JUNIOR expert to ensure smooth financial and administrative management of EU Skopje, planning, organisation and running of all daily activities and responsible for coordinating the work of the local EHs support staff.

  1. Related Outputs

The Expert is expected to perform and not limited to the following tasks:

  • various routine and ad-hoc secretarial and administrative tasks on a daily basis;
  • handling of all incoming calls and respond to visitor requests;
  • answer inquiries by phone, e-mail and face-to-face;
  • Welcome visitors and guide them to the EH services ;
  • track and analyze the number of visitors, inquiries, events and FAQ;
  • prepare and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers database;
  • ensure implementation of rules for the good functioning of the EH for visitors;
  • prepare and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers database;
  • maintain publications, databases and monitor stock levels;
  • procure promotional materials;
  • prepare and maintain contact lists (media, government, public figures, civil society organisations, educational institutions, private sector and other);
  • provide functional computers for visitors for using Internet, as well as Wi-Fi free of charge, newspapers, journals and coffee events;
  • ensure EH  premises are  tidy and clean,  inviting for the visitors  (incl. socially disabled),  have access to utilities and drinking water.
  • Basic book-keeping of the EH running costs;
  • Keeping track of the indicators and targets for communication activities;
  • provide efficient archiving and storage;
  • Implement the code of conduct;
  • Prepare and send invitations to activities participants, get confirmations for participation;
  • Support to all organizational aspects before and during the activities;
  • Assist in the activities implementation (regulation of information and promotional materials banners, different publications, etc.) and ensure that all visibility elements are included;
  • Prepare the list of participants for all activities;
  • Disseminate information on press conferences and press releases;
  • Assist in the preparation of written documents, photos and videos taken during activities.
  1. Timing and duration of mission/s

The selected expert shall be engaged full-time for a maximum of 180 days in the period from 21 February 2022 (indicative start) until 11 January 2023.

  1. Expert’s profile

Qualifications and skills

  • A university degree would be an asset
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Macedonian
  • Fully computer literate;
  • Fluency in written and spoken Albanian will be considered as an asset

General Professional experience  

  • Minimum 3 years experience in business or office management ;

Specific Professional experience 

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in office administration and basic financial management/bookkeeping;
  • Working experience in EU funded projects;
  • Capacity to work within a team;
  • Experience in working with different target groups and/or multipliers (civil societies, media, academia, government, business, other);
  • Dynamic, motivated, highly committed, honest and demonstrating a willingness to work for the long term.
  1. Performance indicators

The indicators reflecting the STEs performance are: good planning and execution of the assignment, timely presentation of results and outputs, quality of documents and reports to be provided to the Team Leader and the Beneficiary.

  1. Evaluation of work

Performance of the task will be assessed by the Team Leader based on a report from the expert.

  1. Other arrangements

Liaise with Team Leader and KE2 on all steps related to the accomplishment of the above-mentioned tasks, to inform and receive approval on all implementation aspects as per Europe House internal rules and procedures.

In accordance with the standard operating procedure, the expert will accomplish and sign a monthly timesheet for approval and signature by the Team Leader and EUD, reflecting the actual number of workdays rendered, briefly indicating the place where, and the task for which, these were rendered.

Applications with CV and Letter of interest should be sent to aneta.spirkoska@bseurope and latest by 16th of February COB.


Во оваа книжевна рецензија која е дел од Culture Matters Series, ЧИТАЧОТ ни зборува за делото „СВИЛА“ на авторот Алесандро Барико.

Алесандро Барико (1958) е италијански романсиер, сценарист, пијанист, книжевен и музички критичар, новинар, режисер и есеист. Автор е на единаесет романи. Добитник е на голем број книжевни награди во Франција и во Италија. Неговите дела се преведувани и обожавани во многу средини, меѓу кои исклучително во Македонија.

Photography Exhibition at the opening of Europe House in Kriva Palanka

Meet the artists of the NEW GENERATION! The opening of the ⭐️Europe House⭐️ in Kriva Palanka started with an exhibition of photographs by Robert Krstevski, which focused on young local artists. From now on, all creatives and enthusiasts of the new generation will be able to use Europe House in Kriva Palanka as a place for new ideas and projects.


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