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19 Jun



András Klein
H.E Ambassador

András Klein

Embassy of Hungary in Skopje



I was honoured to accept Europe House’s invitation to address the readers of Buzz.

Firstly, I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the Europe House team for their endless creativity and tireless efforts to support local youth communities and their initiatives. We share the view that young adults are the future and it is important to raise awareness of their role, as well as of the numerous possibilities in shaping it. Europe House and their expanding network provides an ideal space and platform for forward-thinking, innovative and creative young people to share their ideas and questions with likeminded peers, and also inspire them to actively participate in transforming their society.

Support and cooperation with youth is very diverse — it can be done in many forms and at many levels, ranging from local youth groups to state level youth policy-making. Therefore, we welcome that this year, on the occasion of Europe Day, Europe House dedicated the month of May to strengthening youth participation in decision making at local level by organising discussions with local youth representatives, members of the Local Youth Councils and the mayors of several municipalities throughout the country. It was our pleasure to join the #TeamEurope initiative and offer our support, but also a valuable experience to learn about the realities of local youth firsthand. We are happy to have received positive feedback, as the visit not only raised awareness among local youth to the opportunities offered by the Europe House network, but also had the immediate result of connecting them on a peer-to-peer level to train for managing their Local Youth Council.


-Ambassador András Klein, Embassy of Hungary in Skopje

Europe Day Celebration around the country

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic ‘Schuman declaration’ that set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe. 9 May is the perfect occasion to be more creative and versatile and get together with young people who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Their passion and energy are fluid and ever-changing, and every time we believe that we’ve “reached” their level, they raise the next, more challenging one.

More than the day of 9 May, the whole month has become “The month of Europe”, as we can see in all the events and activities planned throughout this period: from art exhibitions to debates and entertainment. Our main event was the Picnic organized in Gazi Baba Park which turn into one big FAMILY DAY. Riding their bicycles and scooters, friends and families brought their children and pets to listen to live local performers and bands, including Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Këpurdhat, Crno Sobranie, Noviot Pochetok, Jazz Trio Zulu 3.4, Antoni Veskovski, Iskra and DJ Double G.

Those with a sporting spirit, who enjoy the game and playing the competition, were invited to register for the Europe RUN race organized in cooperation with TAKT, thus launching the opening event of the five-hour-long picnic entertainment.

Besides music and sports, the wide-ranging programme included a series of educational and entertainment activities. Since Gazi Baba Park is home to numerous rare species of plants and birds, together with the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, we organized informative exhibitions and walking tours for adults and high school students through the park areas, exploring and highlighting the importance and significance of the park’s unique flora and fauna.

Of course, we didn’t forget about the youngest audience, so we organized interactive games and art workshops. The picnic also featured Skopje’s favourite food, supporting small businesses run by young entrepreneurs.


Good times spent with friends and family, live music and excellent food to go with it is how we celebrated 9 May. Somewhere between the shafts of sunset light radiating on the swinging hammocks, picnic blankets, frisbees and kites, and the giggling smiles of children, the picnic day ended in a relaxed atmosphere.

Three days earlier, on 6 May, we launched Europe House Bitola. Finally! We stood in complete awe of the architecture and monumental structure of the Officer’s Hall, where the launch took place and introduced our team members to the welcoming citizens of Bitola. We look forward to hearing their creative ideas and helping them reach their true potential!

Several programmes were held across Bitola to mark the opening day. Following the debate involving students from St. Clement of Ohrid Faculty of Law at Europe House Bitola, we continued to Magazata to the opening of the exhibition of the International Festival of Alternative Photography Zrno (Grain). Zrno nurtures all the beautiful and often forgotten processes of the old days of photography, and Bitola could enjoy a playful and alternative view of the world and the art of photography. By using different photo processes, these artists took us back in time, showing us through their lenses their exploration of the mesmerizing beauty of photography. The exhibition also featured forest waste materials like branches, dried leaves, abandoned bird nests, ferns, moss, and honeycomb.

The patio of the Museum of Bitola also hosted an art exhibition entitled “Thank God, an Exhibition of Young Designers”, discovering the next generation of young graphic designers. This exhibition offered a different perspective showing how old spaces have been converted into engaging spaces to create cultural and visual art experiences, thus making a beautiful transition from the old to the modern ways of artistic expression and creation.

In the evening, we moved to the front of the plateau of the Officer’s Hall to attend the concert of young performers from all over the country, including local artists from Bitola. Corrosion is a noise pop band from Bitola, and Heart-on-sleeve, an emo/pop-punk/shoegaze band, is also from the city. Dina Jashari is a young talented musician who conquers the Balkans with her original songs. And Bad Juju is a DJ from Bitola who often performs in city clubs and bars.

We ended the evening with the section #SupportLocalArtists, in Jagoda Club with the DJ set of Herzel – a recognizable name on the domestic and international electronic music scene.

Just one week after being open, Europe House Bitola hosted the FAME’S European Orchestral Performing Institute’s launch of a European Creative orchestral program for skilled young musicians in the field of Orchestral music. 14 May was a night to remember in Bitola, immersed in the incredible music led by the internationally esteemed violinist and conductor Maestro Igor Coretti-Kuret and the incredibly gifted virtuoso violinist Luka Faulisi.

Follow Europe House Bitola on their social media channels for more interesting content.

Equipping Local Youth Councils With The Best European Practices #TeamEurope

EUROPE HOUSE is conceptually created to attract young people as a meeting space for forward-thinking individuals, groups, communities, and organisations. Its goal is to create a space for people to socialise, debate, innovate, and collaborate. With the expansion of Europe House(s) throughout the country and an active network of key youth stakeholders, we wanted to prioritise a local perspective during the entire celebration of Europe Month. This entailed increasing youth engagement and encouraging interaction between local governments and young residents through #TeamEurope’s support for Local Youth Councils (LYC). With the help of #TeamEurope, we were able to improve the capacities of LYCs and create a more conducive atmosphere for youth participation in processes, institutions, and decisions that affect their lives. We consider this support to be crucial for active citizenship within a democratic society. The main idea is to gain equal opportunities for young people, and provide valuable experiences that facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for active engagement in all spheres of society.

Ultimately we handed the floor to the voice of youth to lead and hear their thoughts on the topic. Let us delve into the experiences of the Young European Ambassadors with the concept of the Local Youth Councils:

My experience of the LYC discussion – Bitola:

The Local Youth Council discussion in Bitola was useful not just for me as a young person, but for all participants. The young people who were present at Europe House Bitola got a chance to learn more about the LYCs, their importance for young people, as well as about the way they function and operate, but they also got a chance to express their opinion, as well as share ideas and experiences.

In my opinion, the Local Youth Councils are significant because they give young people the possibility to have their voices heard and be part of the decision-making process on topics that are most relevant to us. With the LYC, we finally have the possibility to express our views and to be involved in the public lives of our municipalities. The discussions were also very important since young people got the chance to learn more about the LYC, which will hopefully encourage them to get even more involved in the processes that affect their lives.

– Dona Srdikj Lazarevska, Young European Ambassador

It was a much-needed pleasant escape from observing the usual apathy among youth that induces non-participation on their behalf. At the event, I had the pleasure of participating in a fruitful exchange with many bright young people with concrete ideas on how to improve the situation of youth in their community. And it is precisely for this reason that Local Youth Councils are so important; they provide a voice for the otherwise voiceless prospective young people, who are the future of this country.

– Isak Misini, Young European Ambassador

Participating in the event with Veles’ LYC was an incredibly enriching experience. The diversity of ideas and solutions put forth by youth in my hometown amazed me. I am grateful that Veles provides a space for active youth participation, and I eagerly anticipate the opening of the new Europe House to ensure this continues. The presence and insights of the Swedish ambassador left a lasting impact on my peers and the Youth Council, inspiring us with numerous ideas to pursue. This collaborative event showcased the power of youth engagement and left an indelible impression on all involved.

Participating in this event was of great importance to me as a young person, as it demonstrated that the voice of my generation is truly being heard and recognised. It provided reassurance that positive changes have occurred, empowering youngsters to actively contribute and participate. Observing the efforts of young people in my municipality served as an inspirational model, which I sincerely hope will inspire other municipalities across our nation.

– Angela Sharenkova, Young European Ambassador

I had the opportunity to attend the fourth dialogue in a row with the Local Youth Councils, which was also attended by the ambassador of Hungary. It was a really wonderful experience for me, and I also got to meet new people and hear their perspectives. I believe that the event had the effect of uniting youth with representatives from the municipality, the embassy, and Europe House, which will encourage young people to be more locally active, think more critically, and be future changers, resulting in positive changes in Gradsko.

The event was important since we constantly seem to dwell on the bigger cities where there are more young people, while smaller places are somehow neglected. I think that with this event we above all motivated the town’s young people and showed them that there is still someone to hear their voices, and that everything is not so hopeless.

– Ana Marija Jovanova, Young European Ambassador

We are now moving to Strumica.

In the spirit of 2023 #EuropeanYearofSkills, Europe House Strumica celebrated Europe Day by organizing the project Preserving Our Heritage and Embracing Progress.

In the town square of Strumica, 12 different types of crafts and skills that are famous for this region were put on display, represented by local barbers, bakers, cooks, jewellery designers, makers of woven handbags, woodworking (making and repairing furniture), conservation, etc., together with several local artists (graphic designers and poets). Following our visit to the oldest watchmaker in Strumica, Mr Mitko Trendov, we rounded off the evening with a small exhibition of photographs, crafts and cultural heritage from Strumica and its region at Europe House.

To understand the history of timekeeping, including the evolution of the clocks from the analogue format to the digital one, we displayed crafts, skills and arts that embrace both the analogue and traditional elements and yet are open to investing in innovations and thus bring a modern touch in this digital age.

This event aimed to bring together local artisans whose work and craftsmanship help preserve and maintain the cultural heritage of the city and the cultural values of our society.

Unveiling the secrets of tomorrow as we delve into the realm of future-oriented skills! #EuropeanYearOfSkills

This year’s #EuropeDay served as a prime example of what transpires when knowledge meets action and transforms into power! The #EUDay festivities kicked off with the awe-inspiring “Youth Skills Marathon,” a captivating showcase of exceptional talent spanning the region and captivating our minds. We engaged in invigorating discussions with young professionals hailing from medical, culinary, and electrotechnical domains throughout the region.

These inspiring youngsters instilled a sense of hope that the future rests in capable hands as long as we continue supporting young, talented, and ambitious individuals, who are eager to expand their skill sets and assist their peers in navigating their passions within the spectrum of skills.

We delved into the pressures and challenges associated with their respective fields, drew motivation from the stories of successful young individuals, and emphasized the importance of “doing what you love and loving what you do” in the exhibition, entitled “The New Faces Of Skills: YOUth Perspectives.” Their experiences and concerns resonated deeply, urging society to embrace a broader definition of skills and their significance in shaping the future.

Europe Day 2023 has left an indelible impact, empowering the youths of Kriva Palanka, Kratovo, and Kumanovo and igniting their enthusiasm for skill development and a brighter future. The celebration exemplified the transformative power of collaboration and inspiration, setting the stage for the next generation of talented individuals to thrive and shape a future that unites us all! #TheFutureConnectsUs!

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