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20 Jun


Europe House Buzz – EUROPE MONTH 2024

Europe House Buzz – EUROPE MONTH 2024
Alexandar Melamed
Team Leader for Communication and Press at the EU Delegation

Alexandar Melamed

Dear Buzzers, dear friends,

There is no doubt that this year through our Europe House network in North Macedonia we organised the most intensive cycle of events dedicated to Europe Day since the EU Delegation launched the Europe House project back in 2019. We started in Bitola with the lighting up of the monumental Clock Tower in blue on Europe Day itself. The DJ party at Europe House Bitola on 18 May was thrown in the best European clubbing traditions. The team in Europe House Kriva Palanka pioneered with the innovative live pixel mural, the Rock Symphony concert organised by Europe House Strumica in Gevgelija on 30 May was an absolute blast. We raised glasses with some delicious wines from smaller local wineries and from EU Member states in Veles. In Struga and Tetovo we marked Europe Day in the best possible way –by officially inaugurating the last two members of the Europe House family in these two towns with a variety of exciting initiatives – from youth talks and handcraft chocolate in Struga to environmental discussion and ethno music in Tetovo. Our flagship event was the unique Majska sesija concert at UKIM in Skopje on 22 May. It was an opportunity for thousands to enjoy contemporary interpretations of some of the greatest Macedonian rock and pop hits under the direction of the legendary radio host and DJ Dragan B. Kostikj. And there was much more. I think it is fair to say that Europe Day was marked this year in all corners of the country.

This was all possible thanks to the efforts, dedication, ideas, creativity, energy and enthusiasm of our amazing Europe House team. It was possible because of the support and the involvement of the embassies of EU Member States in North Macedonia.  And it was all possible because of all of you…yes, you – the 9000 who participated in our Europe Day activities and the many more that followed us and engaged on social media.

Together we managed to mark Europe Day in a way that truly befits a future member of the EU by bringing to light some of the wealth that this country can offer – culture, traditions, nature, talent, skills and more.

So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you! We are proud that you are part of our initiatives to promote the EU and the EU future of North Macedonia.

-Alexandar Melamed, Team Leader for Communication and Press at the EU Delegation

Happy May! Did you know that the melody of the European anthem comes from the Ninth Symphony composed by Ludwig van Beethoven when he set music to the “Ode to Joy”, Friedrich von Schiller’s lyrical verse? This year marks the 200th anniversary of its first performance in May 1824. Additionally, May 9 is Europe Day, and this month, we commemorated it in various exciting ways. Did you know that students also embrace “Ode to Joy” as their anthem? We decided to blend these two concepts with the May Session. No exams involved, just more reasons to celebrate! 😊

The atmosphere on the plateau in front of the rectorate of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje was electric during the May Session mega-event. All day, we hoped the morning rain wouldn’t dampen our spirits. Luckily, the sun broke through, and it turned into a party that will be etched in our memories for years to come! Just as unforgettable as the concert of Duke Bojadziev and Friends in City Park two years ago, and last year’s picnic in Gazi Baba Park.

Whether young or old, student or not, near or far, different or the same, UKIM suddenly became the place for all generations! We all enjoyed the music of Pijan Slavej, Retro Cabaret, Sethstat & Marija Kaeva, Dina Jashari, Funk Shui, Dj Goce SAF and LD Pistolero with new rhythms such as “Sonce za tri svetovi” (A Sun for Three Worlds), “Vo edna prolet” (Once One Spring), “Na chekor do tebe” (One Step to You), “Ajde da letame” (Let’s Fly), and many others. We also reminisced about our favourite book titles, vinyl records, favourite foods and drinks, songs, and artists. Old hits with new arrangements by artists of the new generation brought us a contemporary, eclectic sound and tons of fun. Dragan B. Kostic shared fascinating facts and anecdotes collected over 50 years, making the night truly special.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Goce Trpkov, also known as DJ Goce, has been a prominent figure in the hip-hop culture since the early 90s? In 2000, he released his first LP “Safizam” under S.A.F., which was a ground-breaking moment as it included a big show featuring special guest Das Efx and a 3LP set – the first hip-hop vinyl release in the Balkans. Fast forward to 2017, the “Land of Confusion” album by Conquering Lion, produced by Goce, was honoured with a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Reggae Album category!

Pixel by pixel, in the month of Europe, we embarked on a transformative journey through the enchanting region of Kriva Palanka. Our vision of the future comes alive in a world where young people are the vanguards, effortlessly keeping pace with the ever-changing trends. It was a privilege to witness the impactful insights shared by trailblazers Maja Atanasoska and Bojan Manevski on “World from a UX/UI Perspective” in Kratovo. In Kumanovo, we were captivated by the eloquent verses of 10 young poets, assuring us that the lyrical treasury of the Macedonian language will continue to flourish with timeless stanzas brimming with love, wisdom, and unyielding passion. The melodic reverberations of Foltin at Europe House Kriva Palanka were a testament to the convergence of diverse talents, as young individuals from Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Rankovce, and Kratovo united to create an ever-evolving, vibrant mural on the glass facade of Europe House. Together, we are crafting a future brimming with beauty and promise.

Fun Fact: Did you know that “Living Murals” are an emerging art trend that enables communities to continually update them? This fosters a sense of belonging, togetherness, and collective creativity, while also instilling a commitment to protecting and maintaining shared spaces.

Europe House Strumica celebrated Europe Day in grand style at the Gevgelija square with a mesmerizing musical extravaganza. The event kicked off with delightful performances at the International Children’s Festival “Kalinka,” followed by the electrifying “Rock Symphony” concert featuring the Chamber Orchestra of Bitola and renowned artists Dani Dimitrovska, Ružica Brčioska (AREA), Jasna Dimitrovska, Sašo Parket, and Nade Taleska. Their rendition of the greatest Macedonian rock songs filled the air with an infectious energy that fused rock and classical music, creating an unforgettable experience for all generations. This celebration united people through the universal language of music, epitomizing European unity and cultural diversity in a harmonious and exhilarating manner.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Chamber Orchestra of Bitola marked its 10th anniversary this year? In the past year alone, it successfully carried out over 20 projects, drawing in more than 20,000 attendees.

In Bitola, we marked Europe Day with a captivating line-up of events that spotlighted the richness of music, culture, and art. We kicked off the festivities with a screening of the thought-provoking documentary “8%”, which shed light on issues of discrimination, domestic violence, and systemic injustices often swept under the rug but deserving of our attention. The play’s powerful message resonated: “We are the system, and we build the system! We are all responsible!”

Following this, we were treated to a mesmerizing classical concert by Ismet Vejseli and Maja Božinovska, guiding us through the evolution of classical music from the Gothic and Middle Ages to contemporary European and Macedonian compositions. Moreover, the exhibition of cyanotypes, born from an engaging workshop we conducted in April, added another layer of depth to our festivities. The evening drew to a vibrant close with a spirited party, creating an atmosphere filled with mesmerizing music and boundless energy.

Fun Fact: According to UNICEF, there is a complex relationship between poverty and discrimination. Discrimination contributes to poverty, which, in turn, causes isolation and social stigmatization. Shockingly, every third child in North Macedonia faces poverty, and 12% of children aged 5-17 endure multidimensional poverty.

The wine session, celebrating Europe Day and National Wine Day, was an exceptional and unforgettable event! Eight small wineries from the Vardar wine region – Old School Winery, Maximilian Winery, Klinčarov Winery, Jakovlevski Winery, Arabeska Winery, Eros Winery, Dane Hermes Winery & Popovi Winery – proudly presented their finest wines. We had the opportunity to witness the artistry involved in creating these exceptional wines, and Skill Up Academy students even designed unique labels for each winery. The tasting showcased wines from Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, and featured hard cheese from Lithuania. Alongside #TeamEurope, we celebrated the invaluable contributions of small wineries in Europe to sustainable agriculture and local economies. The event in Veles was a remarkable spectacle with delectable food by FJ Culinary Consultants, a captivating musical performance by Trio Du Hot Club, and mesmerizing mapping created by the duo of Edit Points.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the central region along the Vardar River valley in North Macedonia accounts for a remarkable 87.4% of the country’s grape and wine production? Thanks to the combined influence of the Mediterranean and continental climate and an impressive 260 sunny days a year, this region is ideal for viticulture and winemaking. The vineyards in this area are situated at varying heights, ranging from 110 to 650 meters above sea level.

Europe House Struga celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity by unveiling the mural “Symbioses” on the facade of the “Dr Nikola Nezlobinski” Museum. The talented local artists Goran Ristovski and Enkel Dika collaborated with experienced biologists from the museum to create a captivating illustration of endemic and endangered species. The museum, nestled in the scenic Ohrid Lake region, is a treasure trove of natural and cultural heritage. The mural beautifully showcases the vital connection between humans and nature, emphasizing the pivotal role of every living organism in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. It serves as a powerful reminder that rare and endemic species are indispensable for maintaining the distinctiveness of our region.

Fun Fact: The museum’s founder, Dr Nikola Nezlobinski, arrived in Struga in 1924 to aid in the fight against malaria. Driven by his passion for nature, he amassed an impressive collection of insects, birds, and animals, which culminated in the presentation of the first zoological collection in 1928. The museum stands as a lasting tribute to his legacy.


We trust that our recap of last month’s activities has also offered you valuable insights. Rest assured, we are gearing up to bring you exciting new content this month. Wishing you a fantastic June ahead!

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