"And I'm here" (Kriva Palanka) - Europe House

29 Nov


“And I’m here” (Kriva Palanka)

Yesterday evening, Europe House Kriva Palanka dedicated to inclusiveness and creating better conditions for the progress of every individual in society!
The exhibition “I’m here too” by Toshe Ognjanov and Srebra Gjorgjijevska, an exhibition of photo portraits of 20 people with disabilities from different age groups were on display. There was also a promotion of the book of the same name, “And I’m here”, which contains the stories of all the participants, as well as the Macedonian translation of “Don’t stop hugging” by Osa Emrot, a book with quotes from the actors from the Face Theater with disability “Glada Hudik” from 🇸🇪.The exhibition was followed by a screening of the Swedish documentary “Fashion Show: From Glada Hudik to New York” directed by Johan Scott, which tells about the realization of the lifelong dream of the actors from “Glada Hudik” to participate in the fashion show in New York.

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