13 Jul


Zero Waste workshop at Europe House Strumica

Did you know that the concept of “Zero Waste” is being developed as a reaction to a consumer society that is fueling human gluttony at breakneck speed at the expense of human dignity, natural resources and the environment, leaving us with a lasting legacy of piles of waste that cannot be endlessly recycled even not even in the most developed countries❓

Zero Waste The concept is:
✅ economical and turns waste materials into new raw materials for reuse
✅contributes to the protection of the ecological environment
✅contributes to greater sustainability in operations and
✅ less exploitation of natural resources.
📧We contacted companies that produce textile waste.

♻️ We selected the waste.

🆒Through a two-day workshop under the mentorship of the young and talented artist Frosina Stojchevska, we learned techniques to turn the selected waste into a work of art instead of ending up in a landfill.

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