Literary translation workshop from Romanian and Slovenian with Lidija Dimkovska

Date and time: August 18, 2022

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Within the framework of the award for the best young translator “Babylon”, we invite you to a literary translation workshop in Slovenian and Romanian at Europe House Skopje.
The workshop will be led by Lidija Dimkovska, winner of the European Prize for Literature, author of numerous novels and collections of poetry, as well as a translator from Romanian and Slovenian.

Guest at the workshop will be Vladimir Martinovski, ambassador of the award for the best young translator “Babylon”, professor, writer, and translator.
The workshop will contain a short theoretical part with an emphasis on the most common errors in literary translation, the translation of diminutives, idioms and other characteristic words and phrases, the translation of cultures, and the similarities/differences between the source and target languages, etc.), then work on specific texts (individually and compared in groups), presentation of the translation, analysis of the translations, discussion and consultation.
18.08.2022 from 10:00-13:00. in Europe House Skopje.
All those interested can apply no later than 17.08.2022 at

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