Europe House and Skopje Marathon - Europe House

Europe House and Skopje Marathon

Date and time: October 2, 2022

On October 2, the most popular sports event in our country, the Skopje Marathon, will take place!
During the marathon, Europe House Skopje will be open to the public/marathon audience, offering content for both children and the general public, cheering support for the runners, music program and small gifts.
We invite you to cheer and show your support to the marathon runners while having fun:
– Open art workshops for small children with Dorothej Neshovski Art Studio (09:00 – 12:00)
*Two drawing workshops for children will be held simultaneously: one chalk drawing workshop on the Europe House sidewalk and one inside Europe House, with colored markers. Participating children (open to bystanders) will draw environmental motifs.
– Networking with the Young European Ambassadors
– DJ performance
– “Souvenirs from Skopje” – recognizable souvenirs with themes from Skopje landmarks, also creators of the Skopje Marathon medals, will be exhibited for those interested

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