“Pink Tigers and Golden Lizards and Everything Else” exhibition at EU Residence

Date and time: May 20, 2022

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The exhibition is part of the Green Deal campaign that the EU Delegation launched last November calling for a strong political commitment and immediate action at all levels in tackling climate change.

The principal theme of the exhibition is preventing the collapse of biodiversity, which is among the core objectives of the European Green Deal.

The artists, selected by the Skopje Gallery Acanthus, had the opportunity to express their environmental concerns inspired by the European Green Deal. Velimir Zernovski, Zobek Ayvaz, Nenad Tonkin, Maja Kirovska, Vana Uroshevik and Zoran Todovich, produced unique works of art that will serve as food for thought for the interactive debates that the EU Delegation will organise during the next three months. The workshops will provide a forum for discussion about the most pertinent issues related to the Green Deal in North Macedonia and possible solutions. They will involve children, students, civil society, authorities and academia.

The exhibition will be open for the public until 20 May 2022. Reservation of a time slot for visiting and free-of-charge tickets can be obtained via the Facebook page ‘EU za Kultura’ https://www.facebook.com/euzakultura 


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