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Skopje, November 13, 2023

Europe House Skopje marked its fourth anniversary with a fusion of heritage and a vision of the future, hosting an exhibition and prize-giving ceremony for the “Skopje of the new generation” architectural and urban design contest. This event showcased the talent of young architects contributing to the urban development of Skopje.

The competition saw 12 submissions from 24 budding architects, each presenting plans to rejuvenate various sites within the city. The first prize was awarded to “Lotus 4 Her” by Antonio Grujevski located at Lotus Fountain at City Park Skopje. The second prize was received by Daniela Vasileva, Sara Veleska, and Sara Trajkova for “Reimagining Colorwaves,” centered around Dimitar Vlahov Quay on the Vardar River. The third prize went to Natalie Veleska, Alen Cvetkovski, and Donna Mitrovska for their “SpineX” project, aimed at revitalizing “Plasticharska” Street.

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The event was hosted at the Skopje Central Post Office, a site of considerable historical significance, which has been recognized by Europa Nostra as one of Europe’s seven most endangered heritage sites. On the 26th of July, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of Skopje’s devastating earthquake, Europa Nostra, in collaboration with the European Investment Bank Institute, called attention to the urgent need for the building’s restoration. This sentiment was reflected in the remarks made by EU Ambassador David Geer, emphasizing the importance of immediate action to preserve this historic edifice.

“Today we stand here in Poshta, probably the most emblematic example of brutalist art; an aesthetics that shaped Skopje’s post-earthquake architectural identity. To recall the cultural legacy that needs to be protected and cherished. Today, Poshta still has no roof and is at an increasing risk of disuse and deterioration. Yet Poshta, to use Sartre’s words, does not accept a defeat! And neither do we. We decided to mark Europe House’s fourth birthday right here. On the Day of Liberation of Skopje.  “Ambassador Geer remarked.

In her speech, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, thanked Ambassador Gir and emphasized that “This significant occasion of a cultural nature, managed to bring history and the future together, with the creativity of the students architecture.” She added that this competition takes a step forward and bridges the past with aspirations for the future.

Конкурсот „Скопје на новата генерација“ го оценуваше жири од 5 члена од сите пет архитектонски факултети во Скопје, (Меѓународен Балкански универзитет, Универзитетот Американ Колеџ Скопје (УАКС), Универзитетот МИТ, Факултетот за општествени науки (ФОН) и Универзитетот „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ Скопје).  Проф. д-р Бојан Карнаков, во име на жирито објасни дека:  „Главната цел на конкурсот е да инспирира иновативни идеи за архитектонски и урбан дизајн што би го зајакнале чувството на заедница во јавните простори на делови од градот врежани во колективната меморија на Скопје; младите архитекти до 35-годишна возраст требаше да се фокусираат на повторно осмислување и/или преуредување на овие делови од градот, со цел да се создаде одржлива и инклузивна средина“.

The winning project “Lotus 4 Her”, created by the young architect Antonio Grujevski, represents a visionary landscape and restoration project aimed at strengthening green sustainability in the urban fabric of Skopje, while paying tribute to women architects, pioneers in the area, who played a key role in the reconstruction of post-earthquake Skopje in 1963. In his welcoming speech, Grujevski said: “In one month we are in 2024, and all politicians and some of our colleagues are still talking about Skopje 2014. The world is moving forward. Europe is moving forward. We have challenges with climate change, energy independence and pollution. These are challenges that we must focus on, and join the visions of the European Union.”

Изложбата во Централна Пошта ќе биде отворена за јавноста во наредните три дена, од вторник до четврток, од 12:00 до 15:00 часот.


On 13 November, starting at 18:30 in Skopje’s Central Post Office, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Skopje earthquake, Europe House will host the inspiring architectural exhibition that emerged from the “Skopje of the New Generation” competition. The exhibition will be officially opened by Ambassador David Geer, who will also announce the winners of the competition.

The application phase produced excellent innovative architectural proposals, with each one representing an opportunity for a step towards a more inclusive and revitalised city, as well as opportunities for the modernisation of Skopje. We are positively surprised by the quality and creativity of the young architects, as the vision we received from the proposals is truly inspiring and gives hope for the future of the city.

This exhibition will be of an open nature and will take place in front of the counters at Skopje Central Post Office. All those who will be unable to attend the main event will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition over the following three days, from 14 to 16 November between 12:00 and 15:00.

Let’s celebrate 13 November, the day of the city, as well as the fourth birthday of Europe House Skopje!

See you there!

Event details:

Event: Architectural Exhibition “Skopje of the New Generation”

Date: Monday, 13 November 2023

Time: 18:30

Place: Skopje Central Post Office

Dress Code: Warm clothes are recommended.

Architectural and Urban Competition: “Skopje of the New Generation”


Marking 60 years since the devastating earthquake in Skopje, Europe House is pleased to announce the architectural competition “Skopje of the New Generation.” We invite young architects and urban planners to bring fresh ideas for transforming Skopje into a more inclusive and accessible city. This is not just a design contest but also a mission to improve neglected spaces and better the city for all.

Why Participate?

  • Revitalize Skopje: This competition offers the chance to breathe new life into old and forgotten areas of the city.
  • Win Cash Prizes: Contribute to the city’s architecture and also stand a chance to win up to €1,500.
  • Gain Recognition: Your work will be reviewed by a panel of experts from top universities and organizations, offering you an opportunity for professional recognition.

Who Will Judge?

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts from prestigious educational institutions such as the International Balkan University, University American College Skopje (UACS), MIT University, Faculty of Social Sciences (FON), and the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. All entries will remain anonymous, ensuring a fair and equal opportunity for all participants.

Important Dates

  • Application Start: September 4, 2023
  • Application Deadline: October 22, 2023
  • Question Deadline: September 18, 2023 (with answers to be published on September 25)
  • Awards Ceremony and Exhibition: November 13, 2023

How to Apply:

If you have questions about the competition, submit them via email at until September 18. Answers will be published on September 25. Detailed competition guidelines are available for download below this text, in Macedonian, Albanian, and English.

Join Us

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Skopje’s future. Let’s work together to create a city that future generations will be proud to call home.


Locations for Competition

Description template

B2 Template


The competition deadline has passed

Фокусираме на „Меѓународниот ден на младите“!

Како го одбележавме „Светскиот ден на младите“?

Гласот на младите, местото на новата генерација и Светскиот ден на младите – комбинација која еруптираше со многу енергија, креативност, вештини, знаења и различности.

Започнавме со квиз на Europe House Скопје кој ве води каде ако не на најпознатиот фестивал за млади „Здраво млади“!? 5  добитници со својот пријател ќе одат на фестивалот кој се одржува по 12ти пат!

Скејтавме во Крива Паланка во име на Street културата! Скејт, мурали и Dj сет! Europe House Крива Паланка ги распосла своите вештини низ повеќе локации кои им се омилени на младите во регионот, а соодветно на тоа и секое место имаше свое катче: Скејт катче, DJ катче, Мурал катче, Chill-out зона.

А кога сме кај ѕtreet културата продолживме во Велес каде хип хопот има значајна улога во културата на младата генерација. Затоа Europe House Велес, беше организатор на музичката работилница „Beats” учејќи за процесот на создавање музика. И секако младите имаа прилика да уживаат и во звуците на голем број локални музички артисти на концерт под мотото „Empower The Next Gen – Las Veles Vol.1”.

Europe House Струмица и Центар за истражување и анализи НОВУС и Црвен крст Струмица ги здружија идеите под една иницијатива Strumica YOUth Festival!

150 млади од различни држави меѓу кои и  Италија, Полска, Грција и Романија имаа можност да присуствуваат на диџејски сетови, работилници за танц, артивизам, фотографски сесии и сето то низ многу забава!

Пред да се стемни“, се одржа изложба на фотографии од уметницата Софија Чотирбок со автентично аудио-визуелно искуство во Europe House Битола. Подоцна во денот, во битолската чаршија одекна музика од фестивалот на алтернативна музика „SMOTRA” затоа што секогаш ги поддржуваме младите локални уметници!

Од алтернативна сцена и скејтбординг култура низ улиците на Крива Паланка до украинска уметност во Битола, онлајн квизови, работилници низ Велес и музички фестивал во Струмица, Меѓународниот ден на младите оваа година личеше на национален празник! Мрежата на Europe House како главен организатор на оваа прослава, беше иницијатор на серија активности низ различни градови, кои ја истакнаа енергијата и креативноста на помладата генерација.

Warm-up Cinedays 2023



Debar, Park in front of Cultural Centre Debar, 09 – 10 June 2023

Friday, 09 June 2023


Short MK film: Solo Mode, Director Tamara Kotevska, 30min


HIVE (84 min, Kosovo, Switzerland, Albania, North Macedonia, 2021)

Plot: Like many women in Kosovo, Fahrije is hoping for news about her husband, who is still missing seven years after the war. Widows are not expected to work, but she has to provide for her family and joins forces with other widows to start a business producing ajvar. This is even though the community already condemns her for daring to drive. The film was inspired by the true story of Fahrije Hoti.

Awards: 2021 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, the Audience Award and the Directing Award

Talk with Valdeta Ismaili, Actress

Topic: Mother’s love, women and their role in the patriarchal society

Moderator: Arsim Leskovica, Filmologist, Cinemateque



Saturday, 10 June 2023


Short MK film: Living in a bubble, Director Nikola Drvosanov, 8 min


VERA DREAMS OF THE SEA (82 min, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, 2021)

Plot: Vera is a middle-aged sign language interpreter, whose life is disrupted by her husband’s suicide who has to face the raw reality of going against the deep-seated gender issues of our times.

Awards: 2021 Venice Film Festival nominee for best film – “Orizzonti selection”; 2021 Tokyo International Film Festival Grand Prix Award

Talk with Muesin Miftari, Filmologist

Topic: Suicide in the family, gender issues

Moderator: Arsim Leskovica, Filmologist, Cinemateque




Veles, Amphitheatre, Youth Park, 16 – 17 June 2023

Friday, 16 June 2023


Short MK film: Blue Hour, Director Ana Jakimska, 19 min.


ANOTHER ROUND (117 min, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, 2020)

Plot: Martin is a high-school teacher who feels old and tired. His students and their parents want him terminated to increase their average. Encouraged by the per mille theory, Martin and his three colleagues throw themselves into an experiment to maintain a constant alcohol impact in everyday life. The result is positive in the beginning. Martin’s class is in a different way now, and the project is being promoted to a real academic study with the collection of results. Slowly but surely, the alcohol makes the four friends and their surroundings loosen up. The results are rising, and they really begin to feel life. As the objects go inboard, the experiment progresses for some and goes off track for others. It becomes clearer and clearer that alcohol can generate great results in world history, but that all daring can also have consequences.

Awards: 2021 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film

Talk with Marija Lukarevska, film critic

Topic: Alcohol, friendship, experiment

Moderator: Petra Brankovska,



Saturday, 17 June 2023


Short MK film: Same, Director Ferdi Jajai, 09.30 min.


THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD (128 min, Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark, 2021)

Plot: The chronicles of four years in the life of Julie, a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.

Awards: 2022 Academy Award Nomination for Best International Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay

Talk with Alek Vasilevski, filmologist director, Cinemateque

Topic: Love, career, finding the true self

Moderator: Petra Brankovska,




Bitola, Europe House (Plateau Army Hall, 22 – 23 June 2023)

Friday, 23 June 2023


Short MK film: Tina’s Problem, Director Radovan Petrovic, 15min.


FABIAN: GOING TO THE DOGS (176 min, Germany, 2021)

Plot: Berlin, 1931. A milieu between sublets and the underworld, where brothels are artists’ studios, Nazis are yelling abuse in the streets and Babelsberg is dreaming of producing “psychological cinema”. Life is surging, society is fermenting and corroding. As long as he still has a job, Jakob Fabian, who has a doctorate in German studies, writes advertising copy during the day and frequents the city’s more outlandish establishments with Stephan Labude at night. While his friend – who later confesses to having failed “in the subjects of life and profession” – is a go-getter when it comes to communism and sex, Fabian remains sober and distant. Without really believing in it, he is waiting for the “victory of decency”. His love for Cornelia is the only thing that makes him question his ironic fatalism. She becomes a ray of hope in his crumbling existence. 

Awards: 2021 Berlin International Film Festival nomination for Golden Bear Award

Talk with Elena Ristevska, Contracadar 

Topic: Effect of corroding societies on human life

Moderator: Bojan Stanic, Contracadar



Saturday, 24 June 2023


Short MK film: Wigs, Director Angela Dimeska, 14 min.


I’M YOUR MAN (108 min, Germany, 2021)

Plot: In order to obtain research funds for her studies, a scientist accepts an offer to participate in an extraordinary experiment: for three weeks, she is to live with a humanoid robot, created to make her happy.

Awards: 2021 Berlin International Film Festival nomination for Golden Bear Award and Silver Bear Award for best acting performance 

Talk with Blagica Dimitrova, Contracadar

Topic: Life aspirations, artificial intelligence, happiness

Moderator: Bojan Stanic, Contracadar



Europe House Skopje proudly announces the Europe Day Picnic, a day of celebration, recreation, and entertainment to commemorate Europe Day on the 13th of May. Taking place at the picturesque Gazi Baba Park in Skopje, the event will start from 12:00 o’clock and will feature an exciting lineup of activities for all ages.

The Europe Day Picnic aims to bring together people from all walks of life to participate in sports, educational, and entertainment events, embracing the idea that “the future connects us!” The day will commence with a symbolic marathon through the park’s trim paths, offering an opportunity for everyone to join in the festivities.

Gazi Baba Park is home to numerous endemic and rare species of plants and birds. In collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Botanical Garden, informative exhibitions and guided walks through the park will be organized for adults and high school students. These walks will be led by young biologists, highlighting the importance and significance of the park’s unique flora and fauna.

Children can look forward to a dedicated Fun/Kids Corner, complete with interactive games and art workshops. The event will also include local mobile food trucks, supporting small businesses run by young entrepreneurs, and strengthening the connections that our shared future brings.

The highlight of the Europe Day Picnic is the vibrant music program, featuring an eclectic mix of local bands and DJs. Our lineup includes the following performers: Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Kepurdhat, Crno Sobranie, Noviot Pocetok, Jazz Trio Zulu 3.4, Antonie Veskovski, Iskra, DJ Doube G.

The EU Ambassador in North Macedonia, David Geer, will be in attendance, making this event a unique opportunity to celebrate European unity and culture with the local community.

We warmly encourage attendees to embrace the spirit of connection and sustainability by cycling to the Europe Day Picnic at Gazi Baba Park. So, grab your bike, invite your friends and family, and pedal your way to a memorable day of celebration, as we come together to honour the connections that shape our shared European future. Don’t miss out on this exciting event – join us at Gazi Baba Park on May 13th for a memorable Europe Day celebration!



EUROPE HOUSE Skopje, Bitola, Kriva Palanka, and Strumica announce a series of events to mark EUROPE DAY 2023 under the motto “The future brings us together!”

The series of events starts on May 6 with the opening of EUROPE HOUSE Bitola, a day full of diverse activities, workshops, educational programs, and musical performances. During the day, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the exhibitions “Grain – to the Sun!” and “Shukur, an exhibition of young designers!” and enjoy the energy of local bands Bad Juju, Corrosion, Heart on Sleeve, Dina Jashari and friends, as well as Herzel DJ set.

On May 11, the event in Strumica will feature a variety of activities that will showcase Strumica’s rich cultural heritage, as well as contemporary developments in the city. The members of the Youth Council will debate the challenges and expectations of the local youth, and unique performances are planned on the city square. An exciting activity that will mark this day will be the visit to the last remaining watch shop in Strumica and the exhibition under the motto “Time to Act.”

The next event is on May 12, in Kriva Palanka, where a series of activities are planned, starting with the thematic discussions “YOUth,” which offer an opportunity for networking of young professionals from different fields. The day continues with “The New Faces of Skills: YOUth Perspectives,” an exhibition by young panelists who stand out for their role in the European Year of Skills. After the exhibition, attendees can enjoy “YOUthFEST Fusion,” a musical performance with alternative music bands headed by Smoke Shakers.

The EUROPE DAY 2023 series of events will be crowned on May 13 in Skopje, with a picnic event in Gazi Baba Park. This event will bring people together through sports, educational, and entertainment activities under the motto, “The future brings us together!” The day includes a symbolic marathon, informative exhibitions, guided walks showing the park’s unique flora and fauna, a fun/children’s corner, concerts with attractive bands, and a rich musical program.

The events in Skopje, Bitola, Kriva Palanka, and Strumica will be filled with inspiration, excitement, and celebration. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in one of these events. To keep up with all the developments, please follow our Facebook page, where we post daily information about each event and all activities of EUROPE HOUSE.


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